Hi, I'm Nicole Belopotosky
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Public Relations • Social Media • Content Production • Marketing

I Create What You Talk About.

What can strategic thinking plus endless creativity really do for your business?

The same thing it has done for all of my clients (my comrades, my co-conspirators, my friends).

Defy Logic.

Logic is no match for a real, emotional connection with your audience, no match for experiences

that build genuine devotion to a brand, and certainly no match for the wonder of storytelling.

It’s Time.

It’s time to find more, think again, work smarter, fail faster, dig deeper, and save nothing for the swim back.

I'm Big City
With A Small Town Feel

Born and raised in Ohio, I relocated to Chicago after graduating from Miami University. I was trained by the best and quickly matriculated from their expert-level of public relations services. Tight deadlines, limited budgets, and fast-paced environments never effect my ability to solve unplanned ‘bumps in the road’ with a smile, innovative thinking, and calm confidence.

I'm Experienced
From Start Ups to Fortune 100

I have worked with name brand clients such as: ALDI, Allstate, American Egg Board, American Heart Association, Autodesk, AXE, Best Buy, BlackBerry, Burger King, Chevrolet, Chicago Public Schools, Coleman, Comcast, eBay, Fuel Up to Play 60, Hilton, HP, Humana, Illinois Bureau of Tourism, Kellogg’s, Optimer Pharmaceuticals, PayPal, Pfizer, SC Johnson, Starbucks, Trojan, Unilever, Wal-Mart

I'm An Idea Machine
A Fabulist

I’m a brandtender who will always serve something distinct. I mix a potent combination of marketing strategies and street smarts. A creative mixologist who stirs up vision, flair and functionality that reflects your image. I add a generous splash of creative juices and blend in customized community-focused solutions as a chaser.

I'm Wearing Many Hats
A One Stop Shop

Public relations? Multimedia? Video production? Graphic design? I have it covered! This diverse experience allows me to quickly change roles from a creative director to video editor. Every piece I create has a consistent ‘voice’ that is carried throughout the messaging in integrated campaigns. This consistency is not only necessary but pivotal for success.


Tailored To 
Perfectly Fit Your Needs 

I specialize in creating traditional, digital and social media content for high-profile companies and government tourism departments. Through the years, I have cultivated a well honed skill-set that can foster community enrichment while developing brand awareness.

During my tenure at Edelman, I was responsible for creating engaging content for brand-named-clients. My work gained recognition for Edelman and their clients via industry awards. I am proficient in developing internal/external communications, project management, schedule and billing, as well as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere.


My Small Team with Big Ideas

Basically, it’s just me… until I collaborate with YOU. I have big ideas that have made a powerful impact on the world.

By day I live under cover as an unsuspecting executive who supervises strict budgets and deadlines by staying efficiency-minded and cost/profit-conscious.

  • Nicole J. Belopotosky

Nicole J. Belopotosky
Multimedia Specialist

Managing a multiple of concurrent projects from concept to production; I love cooperating with a team to develop solutions. (Cooperating with others, photographed above).

My super powers include: integrated campaigns, rebranding, video production, social media, large-scale presentations, promotional materials, internal communications and event coordination.

Let’s Defy Logic

I have collaborated with nearly every industry: education, tourism, pharmaceuticals, retail, sports and entertainment, energy, food and beverage, nonprofit, travel and hospitality. My clients have garnered attention and industry awards by collaborating on unique, traditional and untraditional ideas. I don’t just think outside the box, I redefine the box. 

Take A  Peek

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Spoiled Dog

Don’t Worry, I Got You Covered

I’m a coordinator with a creative touch.

Project Management
The Maestro

I make sure things get done, which can be incredibly valuable with tight deadlines. The art of making sure that everything is on track to achieve our set goals on time and on budget.

Times Change. Brands Must Change, Too.

Brand is the key to achieving a steady balance between a clear focus on the fundamentals and the creativity to explore new opportunities. We can collaborative to achieve a richer meaning with strategy and design.

Video Production
Art in Motion

From concept to creation, I can make sure your video content complies with any format or codec. Website, mobile, television- we can do that! My knowledge of timeless techniques and current trends will make sure your videos are completed with a professional level of excellence.

Public Relations
Integrated Communications

My simple and singular approach: put a brand’s purpose at the center of communications to truly connect with people.

Beauty Is A Value

My role is to consider every implicit detail, decision & curve; to carefully design and engage customers new and old. To work across every channel, from print to pixels and beyond .

Having Fun
The Other Stuff

The best work comes from teamwork. I can bring together the right people to solve any type of creative challenge. I will work closely with you and my trusted network of specialists to deliver the best results and the biggest smiles.

Susan Hague - Spring Creative

Tight deadlines, limited budgets, ‘out of the box’ thinking and having the ability to please many people in the room are the skills Nicole perfected.

Susan Hague - Spring Creative

Krystina Russell - Edelman

Nicole works easily with others and is a good listener — while she is confident in her ideas she is not someone who will bulldoze her way through a meeting. She values teamwork and fostering a positive environment. I find these characteristics increasingly hard to find in today’s employees.

Krystina Russell - Edelman

Anthony Stagno - Senior Editor

When it comes to the digital world, Nicole is my go-to person. She is completely comfortable with all aspects of online communications and is current in her knowledge of what’s popular and trending.

Anthony Stagno - Senior Editor

Chris Karnak - Intersport

Nicole and I have worked together on numerous digital media projects over the past five years and she consistently delivers outstanding results. I have come to hire Nicole not only on projects needing a creative eye, but also ones that are challenging as I am always confident she’ll come up with a solution that not only works well but also over-delivers on expectations.

Chris Karnak - Intersport

World Brands Are Some Of
My Satisfied Clients

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with startups, Fortune 500 companies,and everyone in between.


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