“Team Up 4 Health” was a two year health and wellness pilot that Humana launched in Bell County, Kentucky. Team Up 4 Health was the first of its kind in the United States – in curbing preventable chronic diseases by helping people eat better, get more exercise and encourage one another to make healthier choices.

Since the program’s inception, Bell County has begun its transformation to being a healthier place. It’s now home to two “fitness parks,” where community members can be seen regularly exercising together; this summer Bell County created its first community organic garden; and the community now features a new pavilion where families can gather for celebrations.

At the end of the program’s first year, 97 percent of the Bell County residents who completed the program have realized at least one health improvement in the following areas: reduced body mass index, sustained weight loss, decreased symptoms of diabetes and reduced blood pressure.

Client: Humana
Author: Nicole Belopotosky
Date: 12.11.12