Our motto thought the Kraft strategy was: SMART USAGE = STRONGER BRAND.
Every piece of communication we create is a chance to reinforce the brand that is Kraft Cheese. Consistency is paramount, both in look and tone. What’s laid out in this book is meant to insure that everything we say and do, looks and feels like it comes from the same place. So that everything a customer and consumer experiences is distinctively “Kraft Cheese.”

By developing new branding, we centralized the focus around the food and the human element plays an important role, with hands interacting with our products and our ingredients as much as possible. Through lighting we want to create a sense of closeness, both to the food and to the people making it. Our type is meant to support the notion of making something at home, so it has an imperfect and playful quality. Our style is loose, and full of movement.

Through the use of playful type-setting, our type complements our imagery and supports the spirit
of the campaign. Kraft is a brand that lives in people’s hearts and not just their stomachs. We believe all it takes is a SPARK of INSPIRATION to make something amazing.

Evolve the role we play in people’s lives from a staple ingredient to a spark of inspiration. That means our approach must shift from advertising to to inspiring through highlighting the new branded attributes…

Let’s think about cheese differently. Hey, let’s do it differently, too.

Let’s not take ourselves too serious or be too precious. Instead, let’s be real and honest.

Let’s be today. Let’s be relevant. Let’s be here- and-now.

Let’s be easy to use and easy to enjoy. And let’s be that way for everyone who’s interested in doing so.

Let’s try new things. Let’s not be afraid to make mistakes. Let’s get a little messy.

Client: Kraft
Author: Nicole Belopotosky
Date: 01/10/14